Wk 14 – Sketching in the Garden – Art Experience

A very interesting art experience this was. Sketching what I see. Using my amazing “talent” of sketching, I put it to good use and came up with what I did.20160501_230521






There are my 3 realistic photographs and sketches. I thought it was pretty hard to try to capture everything, but I tried to do what I thought stood out the most to me.

As for my abstract ones, those were a little goofy..20160501_230602

I made the pond a swimming pool for the fishes and the ducks. I’m not very good at showing that this was literally in front of me, not a top down view.


This was behind the water spout I took a picture of above but basically, it looked like a mushroom head so  made it into one. The tree in the back I made into a sprinkler and the bush made it into thin lines. Don’t ask me why I included a leg as the stand.


This was the doll house in the back. I thought it would be cool to make it into a mailbox.

Here are my abstract photos..


I liked the experience very much, it was very simple and straight forward.


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