Extra Credit – Geocaches

Due to a recent assignment, I was able to get a feel for what seems like a grown up version of a treasure hunt, “geocaching”. This experience took me on many adventures, most of which was taken with my girlfriend. I was also able to let my nephew tag along once, that was pretty fun. Kind of like a contest of who can find it first. Through the many variations of sceneries, we were able to experience all sorts of different outcomes. Many of the adventures led to success in finding these small treasures and I was able to leave my mark by signing each of the small papers left inside. However, some left me with a story to tell, despite not being able to find the actual “treasure”. Like the geocache located on the bridge, which really did leave a trembling feeling from high heights as the clue suggested. Although Having not found the geocache, I got to experience what it felt like to be standing from such a high bridge. Which honestly, felt pretty thrilling. On the other hand, the geocaches that were much easier to find were also pretty cool. Gave a nice break to the tougher ones, so thanks to those who made it easier haha. Overall, this experience was new and fun. I’m not sure how often I plan to, but I feel like I may geocache more in the future thanks to this little project.



This is the first one, Lainie Le at Crystal Cove park!


2nd was Alexander Lucero’s at Mayfair Pool


3rd was Destiny Farihi, SIDENOTE, next time please don’t put it right next you house, that is extremely awkward and might I add suspicious to go looking for something in a neighborhood.


4th one was Aaron Valenzuela, at school




5th one is Mia Miller’s, took me to a spot of school I thought I wouldn’t really visit. The dormitories.


And the last one was Florenz Baltazar, very close to my house, I appreciated this one the most. Also, it was in a neighborhood, but more in a public area, which I also appreciated.

Final thoughts, 10/10, would do again, just better locations please, no neighborhoods.


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