Extra Credit – Feedback

I really liked a lot of the activities we did  throughout the entire semester, it was very exciting and allowed me to try out new styles of art I suppose.

My 3 favorite activities would be (in order):

  1. Geocaching – this was really fun, it’s basically a scavenger hunt that spans across the entire city. Like wow, I have a new hobby.
  2. Landscapes with a corpse – this activity was goofy, taking pics being dead was cool, there are many possibilities of how you could pose.
  3. Plaster Casting – I think it was between this one and the graffiti writing. But I chose this one because I get to keep my hand and it looks pretty awesome sitting as a decoration. Unfortunately, it was dropped and the middle finger tip broke off, but the rest looks awesome!

My least favorite activities:

  1. Automatic Drawing – I did not like this at all. I did not really grasp the concept of it. It mostly looks like I made a really large scribble which I don’t think defined as art, maybe the technique, but not the result :/
  2. Turning Pages – This was my least favorite, but only because it was really uncomfortable to be disrupting the library. I would do this one again though just for the activity, but it was a great experience.
  3. Moonbase Alpha – Moonbase Alpha was alright, I was kinda expecting to play the game but that’s alright. Instead, we had to link different pages and create personas for them. I get the idea, just wish it was executed in a more organized way, maybe next time we can have a group to stick with.

Overall, the class was really really fun, I have never been so satisfied with what I did this semester. The best part is that I documented all of it so that I can look back at it when I’m older. I’ll try to keep updating after I finish the semester.

Final thoughts on any additions to the class would be to throw out the least favorite activities that I didn’t like, but that is just my opinion. Although, maybe keep Turning Pages up because that was an eye-opening experience.


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