Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Valenzuela

This week  I interviewed Aaron Valenzuela with Christian Agguire. Aaron is a freshman, planning to become a film major; it is something that I always thought about but was never too sure of myself if it will ultimately be a good idea. But besides that, Aaron is into Soccer, video games, and the teams Real Madrid and Manchester United. His favorite food is straight up Carne Asada Tacos, no messin around. Aaron plans on becoming a highway patrol officer, hopes that soccer will pay off, and might use his film degree as his backup. I asked where Aaron would possibly like to go visit in the world, he said Madrid or Barcelona. Lastly, an odd one, but I asked him what his worst nightmare is; he said that it is Chucky coming after him, but cmon who hasn’t dreamt that?


This probably looks like cheating but we took this picture on Thursday and the one way earlier was Aaron and I interviewing Christian while Christian interviewed me. AARON IS THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE.


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