Wk 13 – Art Experience – Care Package

For this week, I’m dropping off the Art Care Package to the homie Aaron. Unfortunately I could not attend class on Tuesday so I just asked if I could send him the goods his way. Here’s what I’m sending Aaron


A couple of knick knacks that I found artsy and a framed photo with a silly drawing I did.

Sending somebody a care package is similar to sending someone a snapchat because they are going to be open it and you won’t know how they feel about it unless they send you something back. And they could either toss it or keep it just like snapchat, skip it or replaying it. It is different though because once you keep it, it’s physically yours to keep for as long as it lasts. If you screenshot a snap sent from your homie, it is going be there forever and ever as long as you don’t delete it, plus from the obvious of not being able to hold it.

I think ephemera is precious, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You could be seeing the most mundane thing ever but your friend might see the greatest thing ever. I think it does not gain value over time because it’s stuck as what it can only potentially be, time ticking art. Personally, I didn’t send “trash” but if I were to get something of a parking ticket, I’d toss it, because to me, it’s not of any monetary value or personal value. If I did that to my grandkids, they would roll their eyes and be so underwhelmed by the bracelet. It may have meant something to me, but it doesn’t have to mean something to them.

There is a difference when your art is more public as people get to see your work and judge you for it. When it’s private, it’s only between you two.

I think the fact that you have to wait for the goods to arrive makes it more exciting, like it’s a surprise. Kinda like waiting for my Amazon packages to deliver, except I know what it is going to be. I think the time and effort does mean something only if you throw in things that you didn’t look through your trash to find. Fast is better because you get it when you want it, slow is better because you get to wait and sometimes waiting makes it all the more exciting!

I do believe that you can provide a meal with love as fast as I can at McDs. I work at a Poke restaurant in Cerritos and we make sure that love goes into the food because we strive to make the best possible experience for the customer. I know I sound very robotic like but that is really what I try to aim for. I believe an ACP can contain love but it’s all through your eyes, not their eyes. If you think you gave it all your love, then it is made with love, but if you doubt if you did, then it is not really made with love.


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