Wk 12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

This week we are Geocaching. To understand this experience, you gotta know what it means. First of all, Geocaching involves GPS coordinates and some hidden treasure. Somebody hides the treasure, marks it on a map with given PRECISE coordinates and then they post it on the internet for somebody to find. The fun part is that you can keep the cycle going by leaving a bit of treasure for the next person to find it.

In my case, I used an app specifically meant for Geocaching, it’s called “Geocaching” which is free on the AppStore and the Google Play Store. You set up your location and a bunch of locations appear where people have left behind their treasure.

My girlfriend and I set out to find one nearby and not too challenging. We found this one pretty easily, it took about roughly 7 minutes in total. A really fun experience.


Here’s some proof that we signed it and a video of the process.


We attempted to hide on ourselves, but the app didn’t allow me to post my own unfortunately but here’s what I wanted to hide. It wasn’t too crazy like the video but something simple, an Altoid box with a foamy toy and sign in sheet.



Overall, I really enjoyed Geocaching. Maybe I might go out and try it again with a harder one or something. I am really bummed that I couldn’t leave behind the coordinates to my box but I’ll try again soon.



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