Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

On Thursday we went to the library and the bookstore. Two places that include books but each is different. The library’s first floor isn’t reserved for actual book reading while the bookstore is more open to anything but it is looked more as a store than a study area. It was quite interesting to see the experience unfold. I personally enjoyed the bookstore more than the library experience.

In the library, we went to the second floor to grab some children books to read on the first floor in the waiting area. It was very awkward and uncomfortable. We simply caused a very large disruption. People turned their heads like what the heck are these people doing here?! I laughed when they ask Professor Zucman who’s the Professor, he was like me duh. Then we moved onto the next part, the bookstore.

Here’s some pictures provided for us, I’m in the front with the black hat that says SUP




In the bookstore, we invaded it and tried to disrupt it but the bookstore didn’t budge. We were all over the place, it didn’t even look like we were a class anymore, we looked a bunch of students happened to come in all at once. I took videos for the bookstore!

This one were just chilling with the guitars. And the one below is us invading bookstore.

In conclusion, I just found it funny how we were just reading in the library but they didn’t want us to. Yes, I know it wasn’t a “study area” but was anyone really studying behind those screens? And if they really needed the silence, head to the 2nd floor for some absolute silence.



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