Wk 13 – Art Experience – Care Package

For this week, I’m dropping off the Art Care Package to the homie Aaron. Unfortunately I could not attend class on Tuesday so I just asked if I could send him the goods his way. Here’s what I’m sending Aaron


A couple of knick knacks that I found artsy and a framed photo with a silly drawing I did.

Sending somebody a care package is similar to sending someone a snapchat because they are going to be open it and you won’t know how they feel about it unless they send you something back. And they could either toss it or keep it just like snapchat, skip it or replaying it. It is different though because once you keep it, it’s physically yours to keep for as long as it lasts. If you screenshot a snap sent from your homie, it is going be there forever and ever as long as you don’t delete it, plus from the obvious of not being able to hold it.

I think ephemera is precious, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You could be seeing the most mundane thing ever but your friend might see the greatest thing ever. I think it does not gain value over time because it’s stuck as what it can only potentially be, time ticking art. Personally, I didn’t send “trash” but if I were to get something of a parking ticket, I’d toss it, because to me, it’s not of any monetary value or personal value. If I did that to my grandkids, they would roll their eyes and be so underwhelmed by the bracelet. It may have meant something to me, but it doesn’t have to mean something to them.

There is a difference when your art is more public as people get to see your work and judge you for it. When it’s private, it’s only between you two.

I think the fact that you have to wait for the goods to arrive makes it more exciting, like it’s a surprise. Kinda like waiting for my Amazon packages to deliver, except I know what it is going to be. I think the time and effort does mean something only if you throw in things that you didn’t look through your trash to find. Fast is better because you get it when you want it, slow is better because you get to wait and sometimes waiting makes it all the more exciting!

I do believe that you can provide a meal with love as fast as I can at McDs. I work at a Poke restaurant in Cerritos and we make sure that love goes into the food because we strive to make the best possible experience for the customer. I know I sound very robotic like but that is really what I try to aim for. I believe an ACP can contain love but it’s all through your eyes, not their eyes. If you think you gave it all your love, then it is made with love, but if you doubt if you did, then it is not really made with love.


Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford



Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: UV Lights, Neon lights, Light Sculptures

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: @nickbamf4d


Nick is a graduate student, he went to Yale, wow. Never met somebody from the Ivy League, until now. Anyways, Nick is going to get his degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. Nick likes to build things, that’s basically his interests which reflects a lot on the work he’s put up. Onto the art..



Nick made these large sculptures that consisted of UV lights and neon lights. It included moving parts such as a fan. In some perspectives of the sculptures, they could almost be seen as a person (?) but to me they were disorganized in a good way. Everything was plopped together in the right way and in the right spot.



The dimly lit room made for an excellent environment for the sculpture. It was made out of lights that shined bright and screamed out attention, for good reason. I liked the UV lights as they created a more fluorescent vibe throughout the room and really made the neon lights stand out more. It looked like a night club squished into a sculpture.


Overall, the pieces were really eye catching. The lights stood out, the pieces he used were very.. bizarre but it worked perfectly. I hope this isn’t insulting to Nick but remember that show iCarly where her older brother Spencer made those crazy sculptures? This is what I imagined. Keep up the great work Nick, love these pieces!

Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Valenzuela

This week  I interviewed Aaron Valenzuela with Christian Agguire. Aaron is a freshman, planning to become a film major; it is something that I always thought about but was never too sure of myself if it will ultimately be a good idea. But besides that, Aaron is into Soccer, video games, and the teams Real Madrid and Manchester United. His favorite food is straight up Carne Asada Tacos, no messin around. Aaron plans on becoming a highway patrol officer, hopes that soccer will pay off, and might use his film degree as his backup. I asked where Aaron would possibly like to go visit in the world, he said Madrid or Barcelona. Lastly, an odd one, but I asked him what his worst nightmare is; he said that it is Chucky coming after him, but cmon who hasn’t dreamt that?


This probably looks like cheating but we took this picture on Thursday and the one way earlier was Aaron and I interviewing Christian while Christian interviewed me. AARON IS THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE.

Wk 12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

This week we are Geocaching. To understand this experience, you gotta know what it means. First of all, Geocaching involves GPS coordinates and some hidden treasure. Somebody hides the treasure, marks it on a map with given PRECISE coordinates and then they post it on the internet for somebody to find. The fun part is that you can keep the cycle going by leaving a bit of treasure for the next person to find it.

In my case, I used an app specifically meant for Geocaching, it’s called “Geocaching” which is free on the AppStore and the Google Play Store. You set up your location and a bunch of locations appear where people have left behind their treasure.

My girlfriend and I set out to find one nearby and not too challenging. We found this one pretty easily, it took about roughly 7 minutes in total. A really fun experience.


Here’s some proof that we signed it and a video of the process.


We attempted to hide on ourselves, but the app didn’t allow me to post my own unfortunately but here’s what I wanted to hide. It wasn’t too crazy like the video but something simple, an Altoid box with a foamy toy and sign in sheet.



Overall, I really enjoyed Geocaching. Maybe I might go out and try it again with a harder one or something. I am really bummed that I couldn’t leave behind the coordinates to my box but I’ll try again soon.


Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

On Thursday we went to the library and the bookstore. Two places that include books but each is different. The library’s first floor isn’t reserved for actual book reading while the bookstore is more open to anything but it is looked more as a store than a study area. It was quite interesting to see the experience unfold. I personally enjoyed the bookstore more than the library experience.

In the library, we went to the second floor to grab some children books to read on the first floor in the waiting area. It was very awkward and uncomfortable. We simply caused a very large disruption. People turned their heads like what the heck are these people doing here?! I laughed when they ask Professor Zucman who’s the Professor, he was like me duh. Then we moved onto the next part, the bookstore.

Here’s some pictures provided for us, I’m in the front with the black hat that says SUP




In the bookstore, we invaded it and tried to disrupt it but the bookstore didn’t budge. We were all over the place, it didn’t even look like we were a class anymore, we looked a bunch of students happened to come in all at once. I took videos for the bookstore!

This one were just chilling with the guitars. And the one below is us invading bookstore.

In conclusion, I just found it funny how we were just reading in the library but they didn’t want us to. Yes, I know it wasn’t a “study area” but was anyone really studying behind those screens? And if they really needed the silence, head to the 2nd floor for some absolute silence.