Artist: Will Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: Wood, Metal Base(copper,brass)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Instagram: @theartificery


Will Brigham is from Huntington Beach, a local native if I may add. Will is getting a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts for Metals/3D Media. Will was inspired by wanting to make cool stuff, so he made knives, not all knives but mostly from his exhibition, knives. It’s badass. Working with metals is not the easiest as we’ve learned from Kristi Jensen (another artist I interviewed). Will is expected to graduate this semester, congrats to him! Will also asked that I do not take a photo of him, fine with me.


Willmakes rings, knives, and abstract pieces. They’re made mostly from metals, exotic metals. The metals mostly consist of a dark gray color, somewhere closer to black if anything. Not only does Willwork with  metals, he also works with wood. These woods are also exotic, they serve mostly with the base of the knife. The hardest of woods to work with; I do not recall the name of the wood pieces, but they were extremely hard to work with.20160317_113545.jpg


The knives are very intricately made, they have a feathered style on the blade. It is made through many, many layers of metal that form the pattern. The rings are black, a deep black. They are polished nicely, ready for any finger. As for the abstract pieces, they vary from piece to piece. From what Will showcased in the exhibit, the abstract pieces were golden. A rare item from what it looks like. To me, it reminds me of the golden snitch from Harry Potter or the Apple of Eden from Assassin’s Creed.20160317_113659.jpg



Overall, I really enjoyed Will’s display of his work, it’s very appealing to me. The knives are really detailed but the abstract pieces are what catch my attention most. Will said that most pieces like that take long hours to make, and it truly shows when the final product comes out. In some cases, you can see how many layers Will went through to get the final piece. This was my favorite piece. The knife was black, truly sinister looking. I hope to see more of Will’s work in the future.20160317_114145.jpg




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