Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East

Website: n/a




Bri Joy is an artist from Modesto Canyon, CA. She is actually graduating this semester at CSULB. She originally transferred from Orange Coast College and before that, she came from Orange County High School. She came from a small town where practically everybody knew each other, but when she arrived here, she experienced culture shock. Hardly anyone knew anyone and she explains it more through her art as she tries to represent her past and present in one. Bri chooses not to have a website yet.  The reason why she doesn’t is because she thinks she needs to nail down her marketing plan so she gets it right instead of marketing herself on her website and Etsy while she also wants to stay hidden for now. Bri enjoys sport, yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skating, and hiking.


Bri’s art is handmade. She uses large pieces of archival printing paper that costs at least $100 per roll. The prints were made from printmaking where she hand did everything in sections of the paper. Her art reflects her body and herself and she viewed herself from the screen of her computer. Her inspiration came from when she had an image of herself on her computer when all of a sudden, her computer glitched out and she was left with no control of her computer. She wants to bring forth emotion in her line of work while looking deeper into the message by just shifting lines creating juxtaposition.



Speaking of juxtaposition, Bri’s featured art pieces were black and white only. The use of negative space created outlines of her work, in some you can see a women, in others perhaps some letters? Some pieces that were featured had an inverted piece where the white switched with the black and the black switched with the white creating a contrasting image. The pieces look very heavily digitalized where there are organic lines, as in lines that appear to be hand drawn and printed straight lines that look straight out of a computer.


Overall, I really enjoyed Bri’s art. I like references to technology and how it affects us. Her piece really reminded me a lot of Kanye West’s cover album for “The Life of Pablo” where the text is disorganized YET organized. That is what Bri’s art looked like to me. Organized, yet unorganized as the lines appear random and scattered throughout the paper. I think that the choice of using only black and white was really great too as it was very minimalistic which I am very interested in.



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