Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Ja’Rie Gray


Artist: Ja’Rie Gray
ExhibitionMy Complexion
Media: Paper,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East
Website: http://jariegraymycomplexion.weebly.com
Instagram: N/A
Ja’Rie is an artist that came up drawing and painting naturally. It all came to her simply. Her inspiration came from her dislike of her skin color. Being black, she didn’t like her dark skin color and preferred a more fairer skin color.


Ja’Rie uses colorful pastel colors on a large paper. She includes portraits of herself across each art piece. The pieces include her standing around, looking upset. Mirrors surround her with fairer skinned versions of herself. Each piece is highly saturated but there are a few exceptions of sketches of drawings.


Ja’Rie includes bottles of bleach and cans of Comet in her portraits. She looks distraught and in some, she is drinking it. She only wants to rid herself of her darker skin tone. But she wants to make a message that all skin tones should be accepted and loved equally.


I spoke with Ja’Rie and she told me her background story, upset about her skin color, she wanted to change her appearance. She told me, at one point her life, she took a bath, in bleach. I couldn’t help but sympathize as my I can somewhat relate. My girlfriend feels similar, but not at the same level, she believes her dark skin is awful but I embrace her skin color, as should others. I liked the pieces and the message behind, I want to see more from Ja’Rie.


Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Satterfield

I talked to Aaron Satterfield. Aaron is a Computer Science major from Huntington Beach, as well as a 2nd year student. He is also an app developer, he works at a startup in Irvine, which I think is really cool, I’ve always wanted to learn how to code! He’s played baseball at high school. He’s also on the snowboard team here, he just went to the nationals in New York. His favorite is food is  sushi, anything sushi is good for him, as long as it’s not the cheap kind. His favorite TV show is Better Call Saul & Suits. Aaron is looking forward this year to snowboard season for winter to come again. Nice meeting with you Aaron!


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Will Brigham

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Will Brigham


Artist: Will Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: Wood, Metal Base(copper,brass)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website: theartificery.com
Instagram: @theartificery


Will Brigham is from Huntington Beach, a local native if I may add. Will is getting a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts for Metals/3D Media. Will was inspired by wanting to make cool stuff, so he made knives, not all knives but mostly from his exhibition, knives. It’s badass. Working with metals is not the easiest as we’ve learned from Kristi Jensen (another artist I interviewed). Will is expected to graduate this semester, congrats to him! Will also asked that I do not take a photo of him, fine with me.


Willmakes rings, knives, and abstract pieces. They’re made mostly from metals, exotic metals. The metals mostly consist of a dark gray color, somewhere closer to black if anything. Not only does Willwork with  metals, he also works with wood. These woods are also exotic, they serve mostly with the base of the knife. The hardest of woods to work with; I do not recall the name of the wood pieces, but they were extremely hard to work with.20160317_113545.jpg


The knives are very intricately made, they have a feathered style on the blade. It is made through many, many layers of metal that form the pattern. The rings are black, a deep black. They are polished nicely, ready for any finger. As for the abstract pieces, they vary from piece to piece. From what Will showcased in the exhibit, the abstract pieces were golden. A rare item from what it looks like. To me, it reminds me of the golden snitch from Harry Potter or the Apple of Eden from Assassin’s Creed.20160317_113659.jpg



Overall, I really enjoyed Will’s display of his work, it’s very appealing to me. The knives are really detailed but the abstract pieces are what catch my attention most. Will said that most pieces like that take long hours to make, and it truly shows when the final product comes out. In some cases, you can see how many layers Will went through to get the final piece. This was my favorite piece. The knife was black, truly sinister looking. I hope to see more of Will’s work in the future.20160317_114145.jpg



Alien Bro 👽

Alien Bro 👽

Ayy lmao,

Greetings human or whatever you are, I am Alien bro. I come from the clan of bro-hams. We speak in ayy lmao, we learned it through tapping into your so called “Internet”. We have learned your culture through watching your films on YouTube and Vine, quick, watch me nae-nae. Here are some of my dank friends on the moon, we usually all watch Netflix together.

Check out my homie Ziggy Stardust, turns out some guy from Earth called David wrote about him in a song, neato.

Also look at this space native Aurora, she is what you would call on Earth a god. Beware any space outlaws, Aurora is not to be trifled with, step on her foot and she’ll destroy you.

This guy is where I get my special space juice if you party animals know what I mean. This is Alcolon VI, he supplies me the party juice and I supply him the moola baby!


If I mention Leonidas, I can’t forgot about my home-slice EskiNeemo, this cutie always be working, looking for her prime suspect. Can’t blame her, do the crime, pay the time.

Can’t forget about Houndoom, always protecting, perhaps, you can say he’s a guardian of the moon!

Lastly fambruhs, check out this brotato chip Sneeu. He’s out of this world and stays frosty by hitting those moon craters at high speed. Stay awesome bud!


Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week we did an art experience of automatic drawing. To be very honest, I didn’t really understand this one. The instructions were very vague to be honest. I started to believe we had to do a Ouji Board style drawing. So my girlfriend and I set the piece of paper on our laps and we held a pen with all our hands. The instructions said that it’ll start moving on its own, but I didn’t feel anything move. So we took it upon ourselves to kinda switch up the instructions. We interpreted it as moving the pen like with the Ouji Board, making movements on our own. I’d try to go left but she wanted to go left and we’d fight over which direction the pen was moving. Sorry if my art piece isn’t exactly what was described online but here it is: 20160311_170422(0).jpg


Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Morgan Moore

I had a conversation with Morgan Moore this week. He is a Business Major here at CSULB. What I found interesting from him is that he’s from Texas. I dived deeper into the comparison of Texas to California and how they’re different. He said that Texas is more about getting to know someone and California is just small talk with judgemental people, I couldn’t have agreed more. I always thought Texas was a really great place especially the folks there. Anyways, Morgan’s hobbies include film, photography, and discovering music. His favorite movie was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but he really likes Short Term 12  His favorite comfort food is brisket & mash potatoes with some gravy. Lastly, he said, if you ever go to Texas, visit Franklin Barbecue, it’s a great place to eat but overall a great place to meet people as the eating area is a communal table where everybody shares their space.20160310_114526.jpg

Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy


Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov East

Website: n/a

Instagram: @bri.joy



Bri Joy is an artist from Modesto Canyon, CA. She is actually graduating this semester at CSULB. She originally transferred from Orange Coast College and before that, she came from Orange County High School. She came from a small town where practically everybody knew each other, but when she arrived here, she experienced culture shock. Hardly anyone knew anyone and she explains it more through her art as she tries to represent her past and present in one. Bri chooses not to have a website yet.  The reason why she doesn’t is because she thinks she needs to nail down her marketing plan so she gets it right instead of marketing herself on her website and Etsy while she also wants to stay hidden for now. Bri enjoys sport, yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skating, and hiking.


Bri’s art is handmade. She uses large pieces of archival printing paper that costs at least $100 per roll. The prints were made from printmaking where she hand did everything in sections of the paper. Her art reflects her body and herself and she viewed herself from the screen of her computer. Her inspiration came from when she had an image of herself on her computer when all of a sudden, her computer glitched out and she was left with no control of her computer. She wants to bring forth emotion in her line of work while looking deeper into the message by just shifting lines creating juxtaposition.



Speaking of juxtaposition, Bri’s featured art pieces were black and white only. The use of negative space created outlines of her work, in some you can see a women, in others perhaps some letters? Some pieces that were featured had an inverted piece where the white switched with the black and the black switched with the white creating a contrasting image. The pieces look very heavily digitalized where there are organic lines, as in lines that appear to be hand drawn and printed straight lines that look straight out of a computer.


Overall, I really enjoyed Bri’s art. I like references to technology and how it affects us. Her piece really reminded me a lot of Kanye West’s cover album for “The Life of Pablo” where the text is disorganized YET organized. That is what Bri’s art looked like to me. Organized, yet unorganized as the lines appear random and scattered throughout the paper. I think that the choice of using only black and white was really great too as it was very minimalistic which I am very interested in.