Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

On Thursday, we went on a photo walk. A photo walk is basically when you walk as a group and take photos of what you’re observing. Whether it be a picture of a bird, or a bench in the park. If you find it interesting, then by all means, snap a picture of it! My your guide was Jing Huan Ooi, she led us through the campus.


We went on a tour through the campus and looked at the trees nearby the Engineering Building.


The trees are hardly noticed at the campus, and really make it look better. Without the trees, it would look plain.



I left the group briefly to see the fountain at Brotman Hall. I got this picture with two lovely ducks.



This is my favorite picture because it feels kinda goofy. Why is there a bow on the tree? Who knows. But it looks pretty cool.

I think it’d be a better idea if we had the tour groups assigned, rather than pick your own. Some groups had 5 or 6 people. And some have 40+. Next time, it should be spread out even. Although, I did like that it was pretty intimate.


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