Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Sam Tan

I had the pleasure to speak with Sam Tan. Sam is from Alhambra but is actually from Chicago! Which I thought was pretty cool, Chicago always seemed like a great place to visit. He told me that it was very cold there compared to SoCal’s weather. A 3rd year Biology major! Sam told me at first that he did not know what he wanted to o, but he found an internship at Saint Mary’s. He at first, tried to pursue the career of the medical field like me, I tried working in nursing but it wasn’t for both of us. He said that he didn’t like that he did tedious tasks, sitting and waiting for work to be handed to him; he was basically a delivery boy for the hospital. Sam played volleyball in high school, occasionally  goes to the batting range, plays basketball  and golf with his friends, and watches anime here and there.



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