Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen



Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Joined to form; Single entity

Media: Metals (copper, silvers, etc.)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov West & East


Instagram: @whipperton


Kristi Jensen is working her way to Bachelor of Fine Arts at CSULB, she is expecting to graduate in the Fall of 2016. She was inspired in her arts through her grandfather who fixed TVs and found his process in her own work. Jensen first started as a sculpting major but it was not her style, she ended up enjoying the metal medium, she like that you could “take it apart, and put it back together” Her hobbies include, setting things on fire, knitting, working with fiber arts, and watching The Walking Dead. Jensen claims that she is ready for the zombie apocalypse, she has the tools for it. Jensen’s dream was to incorporate her work from school and still make money through it.


Jensen’s work is made out metal. Her pieces range from metal abstracts to jewelery.


The pieces are entirely made from her own two hands. Metalworking consists of heating and treating the metal so it lasts long, so it must be a very intricate and delicate process. Her necklace pictured below includes strands that you wear while the pendant looks like glass or more of a jade look. The larger piece pictured above is quite different from jewelry, you don’t often think these two are made in the same category; it is however more abstract and shaped like a vase,  kind of like an onion.



The content appears to be just for style. The necklace looks very decorative and something anyone would wear in public. It reminds me of a rose with shades of blue and green instead of red. The onion looking piece, is more decorative than the necklace. Unfortunately you cannot wear it like the necklace. The content is not much about what it means, according to Jensen, it is more about the techniques and how to incorporate each new learned skill into her piece.


The exhibition was very large. I understand why Jensen has about two or three pieces, because each piece takes 3 weeks. Better to have many artists than just one. I like her work, it is very minimalistic and not too flashy or too abstract. I don’t know if this is offensive, but her onion looking piece looks like a great piece for a showcase mansion. It seems perfectly suitable as a decorative piece in a large house. The necklace is my favorite between the two as the different shades really stands out. It reminds me of those mood rings but these are stuck on one mood.


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