Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

This week we got to choose between Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure! I chose cuisine as it was to me, the easiest and the most appealing. I like to cook and like to experiment here  and there with recipes I find online. My parents love when I try it out because they  end up enjoying a great snack or meal. I prepared with my girlfriend Double Baked Potatoes and she created Jalepeno and Mozzarella stuffed Meatballs. It’s not too artsy but I liked the idea because they’re not you’re typical presentation of potatoes and meatballs. It was a long process, took about 3 hours and lots of pictures.

Well here it goes:




These are the potatoes, I threw them in the oven to bake and then I helped out with the meatballs however, I don’t have pictures for the meatballs, sorry!

I then pulled out the potatoes and made mash potatoes with it.


Then I throw them back in the shell of the potato



I added cheese to some of them! Then I stuck them back into the oven and let it back! Hence the name Double Baked Potatoes.


Final picture! Topped it with bacon, green onions and sour cream!

Here it is with the meatballs!


Shared some with my mom and my cousin.


Next time I’ll document the meatballs!


One thought on “Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

  1. Hey Brandon! None of your pix are loading! 😦

    Can you check it out please?

    LMK when it’s fixed, or LMK if you need any help with it.

    Sometimes students “Place” images from their laptop’s desktop, rather than “Uploading” them. So they’re actually linked to pix on your laptop… so when you look it’s good… but anybody on any computer other than yours and the links are bad.

    I’m giving you “1” point for now… but can give you full credit when it’s fixed.

    Thanks Brandon!


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