This week, we had to make a plaster cast of your hand or foot. I chose my hand. We also had the option to go to the beach in class but I had Psychology class right after so I would’ve missed it if I went. The idea was to dig out a hole in the sand and put your hand/foot in it then pull it out and fill the mold with plaster.

I did my casting a little bit differently since I had to do it at home.

First, I got my materials, a bucket, the plaster, and multipurpose sand. Then I started digging.


I used my left hand and dug with my right hand. It looked a bit awkward having my hand in the bucket.


Ignore the socks and sandals… I wasn’t trying to get my shoes dirty.

I then mixed the plaster with water and poured it in the mold of my hand.








After I filled it up, I left it to dry. Here’s where my mistake (?) came. I believe that I let it sit in the sand too long. And the fact that I used multipurpose sand. The sand that I bought was not fine, it was rocky and gritty. But I pulled the plaster out a day later. 20160129_122230

It was very bumpy and dirty, it kind of hurt to hold it in my hand. I then rinsed it off


It didn’t look like much came off, but the finer pieces of sand came off; however, the larger pieces of sand, are stuck together as one with the plaster.

I like how it came out, it looks like a hand of a volcano victim, solidified as rock. If the fingers weren’t stuck together, I would’ve been a bit more satisfied but I liked it.


My recommendation for anyone that wants to try this, buy fine sand, not multipurpose sand, and don’t let the plaster stay in the sand too long.




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