Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Helen Lee


Helen is a 4th year student, she’ll be getting her Bachelor Degree in English education
Summer plans for working, intervarsity Christian fellowship. Work at tutor at Kumon mostly English. She says that her years at college has been a journey, she commuted the first two years. Helen used to live in Pasadena, now has apartment, and overall, it’s been a learning growing journey. As a hobby,  Helen likes the outdoors, biking, hiking, walking along the beach, specifically she likes trail Chantry flats. I’ve been there too! Great spot!


Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young


Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies By

Media: Wood, paper, copper, acids, polymer plates

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi

Website: n/a – CSULB print making on Facebook has her stuff on there too.



Nancy is from Costa Mesa, this is her last year at CSULB. She’s graduating with BFA in Printmaking. Since she’s graduating, she feels a huge relief. She was originally in graphic design, then she found printmaking much more interesting and satisfying than using a computer. She believes that using art teaches you how to solve any given problem. However, she is not going to quit her job working for the County of Orange as a programmer (application development). She likes to help others and give back.20160505_111914


In her art, Nancy includes Crows on all pieces of her showcased art. Each piece is created differently through printmaking. What I mean by that is that each piece is created with different techniques for printmaking. Some were used with etching, some were carvings, and some were actual stamps.


Each piece features a crow in various places or it is the main center of the art piece. Either way, there is a crow in it. The reason why Nancy chose to include the crow is because it she said that it sounded cooler to have the word “crow” in it rather than any other bird. Some pieces were simply photocopied and placed in a frame, I did not ask why though.



Overall, I really liked Nancy’s work, they were very detailed and she explained it to all of us on her techniques. She was very enthusiastic about it. I liked her carving the most where she carved out her crow and used ink to color in the crow.


Extra Credit – The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

Wow, a very interesting read. I’ve never really dived into Tumblr but my sister is all about it so I know a little bit here and there. I also know that Tumblr can be a place where you can blog about anything. And I mean it, anything.

This article was pretty great, the rise and fall of Pizza. I didn’t know who Pizza was, my sister probably did. But that’s unfortunate to hear about, although I kinda feel like they were kinda cheating the system. Yes the policies were changed for ad revenue on Tumblr, but I think that using someone to promote their brand is kinda sleezy, especially on the internet.

You see it all the time on TV but it’s not really a problem because commercials with someone representing that brand in inevitable. Shaq sponsored by Buick to sit in that tiny car, like, that’s hardly believable but who cares, it’s Shaq. However, if you are truly devoted to following this person, for example Pizza, then I would be insulted that she would push promoted content out like that.

I don’t think the term “selling out” really applies to this situation but I feel that it’s the correct term to use. When I think of selling out on the internet, I think of watching my favorite YouTube channels involved in cooking foods and then they turn it around and say, “Hey try out this knife, I recommend it!”. I understand that everyone has to make money somehow, it just feels insulting to me and maybe others may have felt that way.

It’s very amazing how you can start at such a young age and become really successful that quick over the internet. I don’t remember the exact numbers but I remember reading a check of 146k. That’s somebody’s yearly salary. Like how is that even possible.

The internet works in strange ways. I tried myself back in 2006 I believe, I created this video on YouTube where I showed the diagnostic menu on the 4th generation iPod Nano. The video got about 80,000 views. 80k. I was 11 years old in the 6th grade. PROOF of it here:

I got my first lick of internet fame and I started AdSense as well. The video is so old and the views have started to come to a halt but I have about 80$ waiting to be claimed. I can’t claim it until it reaches $100. It would be very nice to finally earn that $100, but I can only dream, so forever will the video stay dormant.

You see it everywhere on the internet, viral videos making way to internet stardom. Take for example KingBach on Vine, he started out making funny content on Vine when it just started but then his fame spread everywhere. Now this guy is on TV, magazines, he’s everywhere. I applaud people that make it big through the internet, I just wish I could too. But back to KingBach, just like Pizza, you start to see some sponsored content disguised as a Vine. You would be seeing product placement in the background or it being used as props. I hated seeing it because I always end up remember how they are now just a business making money off me, but that’s hypocritical of me to say. I am not disappointed in this trend just feel outsmarted.

This article does however inspire me, maybe I can try my luck again and find some internet fame. I just got a new car, maybe I’ll show it off or something, I don’t know. But I hope I could make it big one day like Pizza or Lilley/Greenfield did.

Extra Credit – Geocaches

Due to a recent assignment, I was able to get a feel for what seems like a grown up version of a treasure hunt, “geocaching”. This experience took me on many adventures, most of which was taken with my girlfriend. I was also able to let my nephew tag along once, that was pretty fun. Kind of like a contest of who can find it first. Through the many variations of sceneries, we were able to experience all sorts of different outcomes. Many of the adventures led to success in finding these small treasures and I was able to leave my mark by signing each of the small papers left inside. However, some left me with a story to tell, despite not being able to find the actual “treasure”. Like the geocache located on the bridge, which really did leave a trembling feeling from high heights as the clue suggested. Although Having not found the geocache, I got to experience what it felt like to be standing from such a high bridge. Which honestly, felt pretty thrilling. On the other hand, the geocaches that were much easier to find were also pretty cool. Gave a nice break to the tougher ones, so thanks to those who made it easier haha. Overall, this experience was new and fun. I’m not sure how often I plan to, but I feel like I may geocache more in the future thanks to this little project.



This is the first one, Lainie Le at Crystal Cove park!


2nd was Alexander Lucero’s at Mayfair Pool


3rd was Destiny Farihi, SIDENOTE, next time please don’t put it right next you house, that is extremely awkward and might I add suspicious to go looking for something in a neighborhood.


4th one was Aaron Valenzuela, at school




5th one is Mia Miller’s, took me to a spot of school I thought I wouldn’t really visit. The dormitories.


And the last one was Florenz Baltazar, very close to my house, I appreciated this one the most. Also, it was in a neighborhood, but more in a public area, which I also appreciated.

Final thoughts, 10/10, would do again, just better locations please, no neighborhoods.

Extra Credit – Feedback

I really liked a lot of the activities we did  throughout the entire semester, it was very exciting and allowed me to try out new styles of art I suppose.

My 3 favorite activities would be (in order):

  1. Geocaching – this was really fun, it’s basically a scavenger hunt that spans across the entire city. Like wow, I have a new hobby.
  2. Landscapes with a corpse – this activity was goofy, taking pics being dead was cool, there are many possibilities of how you could pose.
  3. Plaster Casting – I think it was between this one and the graffiti writing. But I chose this one because I get to keep my hand and it looks pretty awesome sitting as a decoration. Unfortunately, it was dropped and the middle finger tip broke off, but the rest looks awesome!

My least favorite activities:

  1. Automatic Drawing – I did not like this at all. I did not really grasp the concept of it. It mostly looks like I made a really large scribble which I don’t think defined as art, maybe the technique, but not the result :/
  2. Turning Pages – This was my least favorite, but only because it was really uncomfortable to be disrupting the library. I would do this one again though just for the activity, but it was a great experience.
  3. Moonbase Alpha – Moonbase Alpha was alright, I was kinda expecting to play the game but that’s alright. Instead, we had to link different pages and create personas for them. I get the idea, just wish it was executed in a more organized way, maybe next time we can have a group to stick with.

Overall, the class was really really fun, I have never been so satisfied with what I did this semester. The best part is that I documented all of it so that I can look back at it when I’m older. I’ll try to keep updating after I finish the semester.

Final thoughts on any additions to the class would be to throw out the least favorite activities that I didn’t like, but that is just my opinion. Although, maybe keep Turning Pages up because that was an eye-opening experience.

Wk 14 – Sketching in the Garden – Art Experience

A very interesting art experience this was. Sketching what I see. Using my amazing “talent” of sketching, I put it to good use and came up with what I did.20160501_230521






There are my 3 realistic photographs and sketches. I thought it was pretty hard to try to capture everything, but I tried to do what I thought stood out the most to me.

As for my abstract ones, those were a little goofy..20160501_230602

I made the pond a swimming pool for the fishes and the ducks. I’m not very good at showing that this was literally in front of me, not a top down view.


This was behind the water spout I took a picture of above but basically, it looked like a mushroom head so  made it into one. The tree in the back I made into a sprinkler and the bush made it into thin lines. Don’t ask me why I included a leg as the stand.


This was the doll house in the back. I thought it would be cool to make it into a mailbox.

Here are my abstract photos..


I liked the experience very much, it was very simple and straight forward.

Wk 13 – Art Experience – Care Package

For this week, I’m dropping off the Art Care Package to the homie Aaron. Unfortunately I could not attend class on Tuesday so I just asked if I could send him the goods his way. Here’s what I’m sending Aaron


A couple of knick knacks that I found artsy and a framed photo with a silly drawing I did.

Sending somebody a care package is similar to sending someone a snapchat because they are going to be open it and you won’t know how they feel about it unless they send you something back. And they could either toss it or keep it just like snapchat, skip it or replaying it. It is different though because once you keep it, it’s physically yours to keep for as long as it lasts. If you screenshot a snap sent from your homie, it is going be there forever and ever as long as you don’t delete it, plus from the obvious of not being able to hold it.

I think ephemera is precious, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You could be seeing the most mundane thing ever but your friend might see the greatest thing ever. I think it does not gain value over time because it’s stuck as what it can only potentially be, time ticking art. Personally, I didn’t send “trash” but if I were to get something of a parking ticket, I’d toss it, because to me, it’s not of any monetary value or personal value. If I did that to my grandkids, they would roll their eyes and be so underwhelmed by the bracelet. It may have meant something to me, but it doesn’t have to mean something to them.

There is a difference when your art is more public as people get to see your work and judge you for it. When it’s private, it’s only between you two.

I think the fact that you have to wait for the goods to arrive makes it more exciting, like it’s a surprise. Kinda like waiting for my Amazon packages to deliver, except I know what it is going to be. I think the time and effort does mean something only if you throw in things that you didn’t look through your trash to find. Fast is better because you get it when you want it, slow is better because you get to wait and sometimes waiting makes it all the more exciting!

I do believe that you can provide a meal with love as fast as I can at McDs. I work at a Poke restaurant in Cerritos and we make sure that love goes into the food because we strive to make the best possible experience for the customer. I know I sound very robotic like but that is really what I try to aim for. I believe an ACP can contain love but it’s all through your eyes, not their eyes. If you think you gave it all your love, then it is made with love, but if you doubt if you did, then it is not really made with love.